Reviews of our male grooming service Men Are Useless

"At just £27, this gentleman’s starter kit is not to be missed."

"Okay, how's this for a great idea?"
MSN Him 

"I really suggest you give this a go. It makes men’s products fun"
Man Face Blog

"Bloody ingenious!!!! They thought of everything…"
Urban Vox 

"It felt like getting a treat, despite the fact that it’s full of things you’d normally just get at the supermarket/chemist."

"subscription-based dude-grooming sets"

"At least this will be one gift he’ll use all year round, rather than delegate it to the pile of stuff ignored after January!"
Beauty Quest Blog 

"... the brilliant idea of a box of grooming essentials"
Dairy of a Deperate Exmoor Woman

"... a great Christmas idea"
Diary of a Clotheshorse

"Perfect for lazy men"

"I love the overall concept which Men Are Useless have came up with, it’s handy, select some great products, posts everywhere in the UK as well as the EU and BFPO’s, ideal for gifts & is great value for money."

"Their concept is quite brilliant and it takes all the hassle out of having to go to the shops to buy your grooming products because you simply won't have to any more"
The Chap Blog 

"A very clever and completely useful concept – A great idea, A great gift."
Iconic Gifts

"Innovation ... The make-it-simple idea behind"
Evening Standard

"... you may never need to resort to washing up liquid in the shower again"
MSN - Male Grooming Oversights Women Can't Forgive

"... everything comes in a box that fits through a standard post box"

"I was just expecting a box of bog standard bathroom bits – and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box"
The Twinkleboi Diaries

"Men Are Useless gift boxes are a fantastic place to start"
Pour Homme 

"The company Men Are Useless has launched a brilliant convenience service with flawless execution."
Buziness Zone

"This is where Men Are Useless come in with their ingenious idea"
Diary of a Clothes Horse

"With Christmas being just around the corner they would certainly make an excellent gift idea for the Men in your life, guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face too!"
Dapper Dude

"Here to save us from disaster"
Nick Gilmartin's Weblog 

"And Neb's overall verdict - brilliant"

"Research shows that the male grooming category is growing, but men are reluctant to shop for toiletries. That, in a nutshell, explains why Men Are Useless."
AD Creative Group 

"This little box has everything I need to look and smell great"

"I would highly recommend this, so much so I am buying all the men on my Christmas list a pack"
Susan K Mann 

"All in all, I think this is an awesome idea and one that’s going to benefit a whole lot of blokes around the country."
Ugh!!'s Greymatter Honeypot

"This is definitely going on my "I haven't got a clue what to buy for X for Christmas" list."

"... good as a gift for someone who's reluctant to buy their own products"

"It's rare we come across something that is truly innovative, but this is"

The Daily Express

"The world of male grooming is full of good ideas but here’s one I think’s quite brilliant  - a grooming ‘subscription’ service"

The Grooming Guru

"I think this is an absolute amazing idea. Having lived with my fair share of boys in my 27 years, I'd do anything to get them to stop using my beautifying products"

London Beauty Queen

"The DailyDust give this 5 Dusts out of 5 – never has shopping looked so good."

The Daily Dust

"...check out this new grooming subscription service"
The Grooming Guy 

"... it's bloody ingenious. not only from a hygiene point of view but from a lets keep our men looking nice point of view."

Big Fashionista

"... the genius male toiletries delivery company"
The Beauty Hall

"Male grooming trend prompts first monthly subscription service"
Cosmetics Design-Europe

"I really like the idea ..."
Colin's Beauty Pages